YouTuber recreates Dune’s Stillsuit

Real-Life Prototype of Dune Stillsuit Recreated by YouTube Channel

Inspiration from science fiction often leads to real-life innovations, and the Dune series is no exception. One iconic piece of technology from the movie Dune is the “Stillsuit,” which has now been recreated as a real-life prototype.

The Stillsuit, a full-body vest that recycles the body’s moisture and the environment’s moisture to keep individuals hydrated, was a common piece of clothing among the characters in Dune. On May 17, 2024, the YouTube channel Hacksmith Industries successfully recreated a version of the fictional Stillsuit.

While the real-life Stillsuit may not be as effective as its sci-fi counterpart, it is still a fascinating project. The Hacksmith Industries team made a few adjustments to their version of the suit. For example, their prototype does not filter water from urine and feces like the one in the film.

The team started with a waterproof bag-suit and installed a heat exchanger in the back powered by a small LiPo battery. This setup creates a cold surface on the interior of the suit, condensing humidity to collect water that drips into a bottle. They also attached a one-way filter mask to a tube for breathing, allowing the wearer to inhale fresh, filtered air. Exhaling sends warm, moist air into the suit’s cold surface to harvest condensed water.

While the final prototype may not be as form-fitting as the sci-fi version, it is still functional to a certain extent. However, it can only harvest moisture from humidity at the back of the wearer’s neck.

This project by Hacksmith Industries is similar to NASA’s developing technology, as reported by another Inquirer Tech article. The space agency has managed to turn 98% of wastewater into a potable liquid, showcasing the real-world applications of science fiction-inspired innovations.

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