Workers call on Chiz to prioritize legislated wage increases

In a recent statement, the labor group Federation of Free Workers (FFW) called on Senate President Francis Escudero to prioritize the passage of pending wage hikes and other pro-workers measures. FFW president Sonny Matula highlighted Escudero’s advocacy for Filipino workers and urged him to work with Speaker Martin Romualdez to expedite the passage of the wage recovery hike in the House of Representatives.

Matula mentioned that there have been discussions about Escudero encouraging employers and the Department of Labor and Employment to support a national legislated wage hike. The FFW expressed their willingness to collaborate with the Senate and other legislators to bring about positive change for Filipino workers.

While employers and business groups have cautioned against legislated wage hikes, advocating for the adherence to the mechanism provided by law through the tripartite wages and productivity boards. The FFW expressed their optimism about the impact Escudero’s leadership will have on the Filipino workforce.

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