Why permit illegal activities in Bamban if Guo is Filipino?

Senator Questions Bamban Mayor’s Patriotism Over Alleged Illegal Activities

Senator Joel Villanueva has raised concerns about Bamban Mayor Alice Guo’s patriotism to the Philippines amidst allegations of illegal activities taking place in Tarlac’s town. The senator specifically questioned why Guo allowed these illegal activities to occur if she is indeed Filipino.

Villanueva emphasized the concept of command responsibility, pointing out that with such large-scale properties and infrastructure in place, it is surprising that no action was taken to prevent illegal activities. The senator’s remarks came in the midst of ongoing controversies surrounding Guo and her alleged ties to a Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (Pogo) in Bamban.

Initial investigations into Guo’s associations with the gaming firm revealed that her name was linked to Zun Yuan Technology Inc., and that certain assets, such as a billing statement from Tarlac II Electric Cooperative Inc., were registered under her name. Despite these findings, Guo vehemently denied any involvement in offshore gaming operations.

In light of the situation, Senator Win Gatchalian has called for a thorough investigation by the Senate committee on women to determine the extent of Guo’s connections to Pogos. Villanueva also hinted at potential links between Guo’s family and the Communist Party of China, citing news articles and intelligence reports.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Villanueva urged government agencies like the Department of Labor and Employment and Bureau of Immigration to enhance their efforts in addressing the rise in crimes associated with Pogos. The senator stressed the importance of scrutinizing Guo’s alleged ties to offshore gaming operations, emphasizing the need to safeguard national security interests.

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