Vivamax Surpasses 11 Million Subscribers and Expands Overseas Reach

Filipino Streaming App Vivamax Surpasses 11 Million Subscribers

A Filipino streaming app called Vivamax has achieved a milestone by surpassing 11 million subscribers, just three years after its launch in early 2021 during the peak of the pandemic. The app has also experienced unexpected growth in subscription numbers from overseas markets, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In an interview with media outlets, Viva Communications, Inc. president and CEO Vincent del Rosario shared his surprise at the demographic of subscribers in international territories, noting that locals, rather than overseas Filipinos, made up the majority of subscribers for the Viva-owned streaming service.

Del Rosario mentioned that in Indonesia alone, there are a million local subscribers, showcasing the app’s popularity even beyond Filipino audiences. The company discovered the app’s traction in Southeast Asian countries through feedback from film distribution and production partners.

To cater to the growing international audience, Vivamax has started promoting the app on social media in Bahasa and adding Bahasa subtitles to content in territories like Indonesia and Malaysia where there is a demand for the language. This targeted approach has contributed to the expansion of Vivamax’s reach in mainstream markets.

Apart from the increase in subscriptions, Vivamax titles are now being licensed for international distribution, marking a significant milestone for the streaming service. Del Rosario attributed the success of Vivamax to the quality storytelling and collaboration with renowned directors and writers in the industry.

The platform’s content strategy has evolved to cater to various genres, with a focus on adult dramas, suspense, and comedy. Despite the initial perception that Vivamax primarily offered adult-oriented content, the company introduced Viva Prime within the app in 2023 to provide specially curated content for general audiences.

Looking back on the company’s journey into streaming, Del Rosario recalled how Viva decided to venture into the digital space during the lockdown in 2020 when theatrical releases were put on hold. The shift to streaming proved to be a strategic move, allowing Viva to tap into a new market and reach audiences beyond traditional cinema-goers.

With a commitment to producing quality content, Vivamax continues to thrive in the competitive streaming industry and aims to expand its presence further in the future. Despite challenges like piracy, the company remains optimistic about the future growth of Vivamax and its role in the entertainment ecosystem.

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