Sylvia Sanchez’s Nathan Studios teams up with global producer, acquires animated films.

Nathan Studios Acquires Six Animation Films for Distribution in the Philippines

Nathan Studios, led by actress-turned-producer Sylvia Sanchez, has recently secured the rights to distribute six animation films in the Philippines. This acquisition came after their visit to the film market at the Cannes International Film Festival in France.

Among their previous successful theatrical screenings in the country are the Japanese thriller “Monster” and the John Woo-directed action film “Silent Night.”

In an interview with the press, Sylvia Sanchez mentioned their plans to explore films that cater to a broader audience after successfully bringing art and genre movies to Filipino viewers.

While she did not disclose the titles of the newly acquired animation films, Sylvia hinted at their quality, mentioning that they include Hollywood-made and one Korean film. Additionally, a Korean horror title was also added to their lineup.

During her third attendance at Cannes, Sanchez expressed gratitude to key figures in the industry, including former FDCP head Liza Dino-Seguerra and filmmakers like Will Fredo, Richard Somes, and Alemberg Ang, for their support in her transition from actress to producer.

This year, Sylvia also participated in the Cannes Directors’ Fortnight with her short film “Silig.” The film, which she stars in, portrays the story of a woman with terminal cancer returning to her hometown to plan her own cremation. Plans are in place for its premiere in the Philippines later this year.

Moreover, Nathan Studios announced a partnership with Momo Film Co, a Singapore-based production outfit, to collaborate on various projects aimed at showcasing Filipino talent on a global scale. Projects under this partnership include films by acclaimed directors such as Nelson Yeo, Wregas Bhutenaja, and Kirsten Tan.

Nathan Studios, established during the pandemic, has since evolved into a multi-faceted production company, venturing into film and TV production. Their upcoming projects include “Moonglow” starring Arjo Atayde, with Isabel Sandoval as the director. Additionally, a collaboration with an award-winning production team for a Japanese movie is in the works.

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