Sen. Francis N. Tolentino Reaffirms His All-out Support to PNPA Infrastructure Development

Pasay City — The very good Senator from Tagaytay City—popular among local and foreign tourists with its cool and picturesque environment in the progressive Province of Cavite—Honorable Francis N Tolentino avouched his all-out support to the PNPA Infrastructure Development during the courtesy call rendered to him by the Director, PNPA PBGEN Eric E Noble on Tuesday (November 28, 2022) in his office.

It can be recalled that Sen. Tolentino, now the Chairman of the Upper Chamber’s Blue-Ribbon Committee sponsored the construction of three (3) of the priority infra projects of the premier police higher education institution in the country including the modern PNPA Medical Center, Gymnasium and Fitness Center. An honorary member belonging to TAGAPAGLUNSAD Class of 1993, he is known to be a staunch advocate of PNPA and it’s cadets whom he fought so hard (among others) to receive benefits due to a regular government employee which will come into fruition this coming Fiscal Year.

“We are really very thankful for the huge support we are receiving from Sen. Tolentino, his contribution in both infrastructural projects and welfare of the cadets will be instrumental not only to our 5 year development plan but more importantly to our mission of producing competent future leaders who will be of service to the organization and our people,” thus remarked PBGEN Noble.

On the learning and development aspect of the cadets, Sen. Tolentino also provided equipment and training staff being utilized by the Cadet Corps in kickboxing. “TOL” as he is fondly called, never stopped there, this coming semester, he has volunteered to teach your Iskolars Para Sa Bayan (being lawyer by profession) in one of their law subject—Philippine Constitution, in gratis, and shall have the title of Distinguished Professor/Lecturer.

The marks of the legacy made by Senator Tolentino shall forever be etched in the annals of PNPA’s history which shall benefit not only the present set of promising youths of the land who dared traverse the road less traveled and have committed to serve the country and its people but also for the generations to come. Truly, Senator Francis N Tolentino is an embodiment of a True Lakan, imbued with the highest degree of Justice, Integrity and Service.(PNPA-PIO)


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