Seeking crackdown on sellers of signal boosters by NTC

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) is cracking down on sellers of illegal cellular mobile repeaters and signal boosters in the Philippines. CitizenWatch, an advocacy group, has called on the NTC to take action against these sellers, citing that the devices can actually cause network jamming and distort mobile signals. Christopher Belmonte, a convenor of CitizenWatch, emphasized that these boosters may claim to enhance weak signals but end up causing more harm by disrupting network connectivity. The group also noted that these devices are easily accessible online, prompting Belmonte to urge telcos, e-commerce platforms, and social media sites to help curb their proliferation. Only licensed operators and government agencies authorized by the NTC are allowed to purchase, import, possess, and use cellular mobile repeaters and signal boosters. In 2013, the NTC issued an order banning the sale, purchase, importation, and use of such equipment.

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