Sarah Lahbati reacts to viral photo with mystery man in Hong Kong: ‘I’m single’

Actress Reacts to Viral Photo with Mystery Man in Hong Kong

Actress Sarah Lahbati recently addressed the viral photo of her with a mystery man in Hong Kong. During a media interview after a press conference for her upcoming TV5 series “Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa,” Sarah clarified that the man in the photo is just a friend.

She explained, “I went to Hong Kong to experience the art. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel around and I was happy that I was able to go. And that photo circulating around is my friend. I visited Hong Kong and met up with different friends.”

Sarah acknowledged the speculations surrounding the photo and shared that as a single woman, she understands that people may have questions. She stated, “Is it unfair? Is it bothering me now? It takes a lot more for something to bother me now. But I think as, as a woman, we’re all allowed to have guy friends but again, it’s okay to speculate because again, I’m single and it is part of this whole new thing.”

After confirming her split from her estranged husband Richard Gutierrez, Sarah was spotted dining with the mystery man in Hong Kong. The news was reported by Ogie Diaz on his YouTube channel, where he shared details of the encounter.

Sarah Lahbati is set to star in the TV5 series “Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa,” which is a modern retelling of a classic action masterpiece. The show, which features a talented ensemble cast, will premiere on April 8 after “Eat Bulaga.”

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