Sam ‘SV’ Verzosa revitalizes an elderly couple’s business

Senior Couple Known for Macrame Crafts Receives Heartwarming Support

Lerma and Emerberto Bongabong, a senior couple known for their beautifully crafted macrame products, recently received unexpected support that has taken their story in an inspiring direction. Their business, which faced numerous challenges, has experienced a heartwarming turn of events thanks to Sam “SV” Verzosa.

The Bongabong couple started their journey in 1979, selling vegetables both wholesale and retail until 2007. When their vegetable business encountered severe downturns, they shifted their focus to farming. In 2010, they ventured into macrame, creating intricate handicraft accessories. Despite their enthusiasm and skill, selling their products became difficult due to their advancing age and weakening bodies.

Sam “SV” Verzosa visited the couple in Davao, where he was deeply moved by their story and impressed by their craftsmanship. SV learned macrame and assisted them in selling their products online. Despite finding macrame challenging to make, SV leveraged his expertise in sales by introducing live selling, resulting in an overwhelming response.

To further support the Bongabong family, SV provided them with a rolling store filled with various accessory products and raw materials. He also supplied them with a grocery package, covered their maintenance needs, and funded dialysis treatments for their son. Additionally, SV introduced Frontrow products to add to their business and awarded a scholarship to their youngest son, ensuring the family’s future stability.

Tatay Emerberto expressed his gratitude, stating, “Malaking tulong ito sa amin. Pangmatagalang tulong ang binigay ni Sam Verzosa. Hindi lang ito para sa aming magasawa pati na din sa mga anak namin” (This will be a big help for us. Sam Verzosa provided long-term assistance. This is not only for us, as a couple, but also for our children).

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