Road Crash Victims Must Attain Justice, Says Sec. Bautista

Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) efforts to prioritize road safety gained the support of the Government of Sweden as Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista emphasized today, 22 November 2022, the importance of attaining justice for the victims of road crashes.

At the first Road Safety Symposium led by the DOTr, Secretary Bautista said it is important to focus on seeking justice for those who have died and injured due to road-related crashes, as well as the affected families.

“We should not diminish the importance of attaining JUSTICE for victims of road crashes and seeking peace for the families left behind,” Secretary Bautista said.

Per data, around 12,000 Filipinos die every year due to road crashes. This means that over 300 people die on the road daily in the Philippines.

Secretary Bautista explained that road crashes are not only traumatizing, but also cause social cost and result to economic loss as there is productivity loss arising from the death, illnesses, and injuries of the victims.

Noting that road safety is a shared responsibility, Secretary Bautista stressed that road-related injuries and deaths can be prevented.

“No one deserves the loss of opportunities due to road incidents. Consider yourselves road safety champions. We have shared responsibility to protect every Filipino on the road,” he said.

Swedish Ambassador to the Philippines Annika Thunborg said her country expresses its support to the Philippines in promoting road safety.

“Safety, efficiency, and reliability are the hallmarks of all types of public transportation, that is why we are here today showing our support for the Philippine government in promoting road safety,” Ambassador Thunborg said.

As a tribute to the millions of victims of road crashes and recognition to emergency first responders and medical professionals, the DOTr organized the Road Safety Symposium as an offshoot of the National Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Survivors, and Their Families last Sunday.

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