Republic Act 10913

Republic Act 10913

The law prohibits all motorists to use any communications device while the motor vehicle, whether diplomatic, public or private, is in motion or temporarily stopped at a traffic light or intersection. Prohibitions include composing, sending or reading text messages, making or receiving calls, watching TV shows or movies and other video types, surfing the internet, making calculations, reading e-books, playing games. Exempted are those making emergency calls and Emergency Service Agencies (electric, gas, water, chemical spill), including entities responding to emergencies, e.g., healthcare providers, fire department, police.

Penalties include:

First Offense – Five thousand pesos (Php 5,000.00)
Second Offense – Ten thousand pesos (Php 10,000.00)
Third Offense – Fifteen thousand pesos (Php 15,000.00) and three (3) months suspension of driver’s license
Fourth Offense – Twenty thousand pesos (Php 20,000.00) and revocation of driver’s license for succeeding offenses

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