QC Prepares for Typhoon Season and La Niña, Striving for Zero Casualties

Quezon City Declares Readiness for Typhoon Season

The Quezon City government, under the leadership of its Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (DRRMC), has announced its preparedness for the upcoming typhoon season, with the Philippines expected to face 13 to 16 storms this year.

Mayor Joy Belmonte emphasized the city’s goal of achieving zero casualties during these natural disasters. “We have everything we need for the upcoming rainy season and the possible impacts of La Niña in our country,” Belmonte stated. She also highlighted the coordinated efforts of all city offices to ensure the safety of residents and swift delivery of aid and services.

The city’s readiness was recently tested during the passage of Typhoon Aghon, the first typhoon of the year, and this level of preparedness will be maintained throughout the year.

In times of typhoons, the QCDRRM Council will be activated immediately with all member-offices on standby. The city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will closely monitor the movements of typhoons, wind speeds, and rainfall in Quezon City.

Mayor Belmonte also mentioned that the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team is on high alert and equipped with rescue boats, protective gear, sonar equipment, and other life-saving tools to respond to emergencies promptly.

Furthermore, the QCDRRMO, led by officer-in-charge Ms. Ma. Bianca Perez, will conduct pre-disaster risk assessments and provide regular weather briefings. The council will also recommend city-wide class suspensions in public schools based on weather forecasts, with each barangay having the authority to declare localized suspensions if needed.

To ensure the safety of Quezon City residents, safety officers will carry out preemptive evacuations in flood-prone areas and conduct tree-cutting operations to remove debris and keep citizens out of harm’s way.

Residents can seek assistance and report incidents by contacting the city’s Helpline 122, which is always on standby during emergencies.

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