Procession in San Juan leads to road closures

San Juan City to Close Roads for Patron Saint Procession

The local government of San Juan City announced on Saturday that certain roads will be closed on Sunday afternoon to accommodate a procession honoring the city’s patron saint.

According to officials, rerouting measures will be in place once the procession for the image of St. John the Baptist commences.

In a Facebook post, the local government detailed the specific road closures, stating, “Notice is hereby given to the public that the portion from F. Blumentritt St. corner A. Bonifacio St. to F. Blumentritt St. corner M. Salvador and J. Arellano St. to Dr. A. Ejercito St. will be closed temporarily from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. to give way for the Traslacion of the 130-year old Image of St. John the Baptist.”

To ease traffic flow, authorities have suggested alternative routes for motorists. These include using N. Domingo St. as an alternate route from F. Blumentritt St. cor. F. Manalo St. to F. Manalo St. cor. N. Domingo St., and using F. Manalo St. cor. F. Blumentritt St. as an alternate route from N. Domingo St. to F. Blumentritt St. then right to M. Salvador St.

The local government expressed gratitude for the public’s cooperation and understanding regarding the necessary road closures for the procession.

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