Preventing Pornography on the X App

In a shocking move, the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, has officially allowed pornographic and explicit material on its social media platform as of May 2024. This change has raised concerns, especially since many children use the X app and may come across such content.

Parents are now urged to take steps to limit the content their children can access on the platform to ensure a safe online environment. Here are some tips to help avoid exposure to pornographic material on the X app:

  • Set your child’s account to under 18 by not entering a birth date or entering one that indicates the user is under 18.
  • Turn on the sensitive content filter by accessing the settings on the X app and selecting the appropriate options.
  • Mute suggestive words by adding them to the block list in the app settings.
  • Report any not-safe-for-work (NSFW) content that slips through the filters by using the reporting tools provided by the X app.

While these steps can help to minimize exposure to explicit content, they are not foolproof. Users are encouraged to consider using alternative social networks and to remain vigilant in blocking and reporting inappropriate material that appears on their feed.

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