PNPA Supports Silg’s Appeal to Full Fledged Colonels and Generals to Submit Courtesy Resignation

The Third-Level Police Commissioned Officers of the Philippine National Police Academy, led by the Director/Superintendent, PMGen Eric E. Noble fully support the call of the Secretary of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Atty Benhur Abalos, for all Police Colonels and Star Rank Officers to submit their courtesy resignation and acquiesce to the independent 5-Man Committee to be created in vetting the integrity of those who are holding key positions in the organization.

As the premier police higher education institution in the country, and being the primary source of future leaders, PNPA wholly assents to the wisdom of the Secretary and the Chief of the Philippine National Police, PGEN RODOLFO S AZURIN, JR, to trust the process that would once and for all cleanse the hierarchy from those whose service reputation has been tainted by dubious connections, setting aside individual inhibitions and reservations all for the interest of the organization.

Rest assured that the Third-Level PCOs together with the junior officers, PNCOs, NUP and Cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy shall never falter on our noble ends anchored in the core values of Justice, Integrity and Service. (PIO-PNPA)

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