Phivolcs reports Taal Volcano emits 2,400-meter high plume

Taal Volcano erupts with a 2,400-meter high plume, Phivolcs reports

MANILA, Philippines — Taal Volcano had a two-minute phreatic eruption in the past 24 hours, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said Saturday morning.

In its latest bulletin, the state volcanologist also said Taal posted five volcanic earthquakes in the same period. Phivolcs explained that volcanic earthquakes are induced by rising lava or magma beneath active volcanoes.

Phivolcs’ new information covered the monitoring it conducted from midnight of Friday, June 7, until midnight of Saturday, June 8.

The volcano released 11,072 tons (10,042.45 metric tons) of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, resulting in volcanic smog, or vog, as well as a 2,400-meter plume that drifted in a south-southeast to north-northwest direction, according to the state volcanologist.

The public was again reminded that entering Taal Volcano Island, boating on Taal Lake, and flying any aircraft close to the volcano is still prohibited, as Phivolcs warned of possible stream-driven, phreatic, or gas explosions, as well as volcanic earthquakes, minor ash falls, and the explosion of volcanic gas.

Phivolcs said Taal Volcano remains under Alert Level 1.

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