WW2 Veterans

PBBM Honors WW2 Veterans; Urges Pinoys to Look to the Future With Confidence

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. honored Monday the country’s World War 2 heroes asking Filipinos to have faith and look to the future with confidence, as they face everyday challenges.

Speaking during the commemoration of the 81st Araw ng Kagitingan at the Mt. Samat National Shrine in Pilar, Bataan, President Marcos said the Filipino nobility of spirit was once again demonstrated in the last worldwide crisis, where the nation’s men and women rose to the challenge of facing an unseen enemy–a new global challenge.

“Once again, Filipinos showed the world our purity of spirit and of compassion by willingly putting themselves in peril in the service of others,” the President said.

“So have faith. We can look to the future with confidence, guided with the knowledge that the most noble Filipino quality of heroism is aflame and burns brightly in every true Filipino,” the chief executive pointed out.

President Marcos expressed his gratitude to Filipino heroes “who fought and bled and died” in Bataan, saying they have shown the way how to make the best citizens of the Republic.

That heroism, Marcos said, can be seen in Filipino war veterans who have passed on the shining legacy and treasure as well as in the eyes of every child who looks to the future with hope and eager anticipation.

As every Filipino toils and sacrifices to feed their families, help their communities and serve their country, the President called on the nation to celebrate these golden deeds that uphold the spirit of patriotism.

“We celebrate all the individual acts of valor and of sacrifice. We celebrate the Filipino spirit. We celebrate our countrymen’s deep, abiding love of every Filipino: love for our land, love for our people, and love for our freedom,” the President said.

“We have been called upon to stay true to that tradition, that tradition that Filipinos have demonstrated throughout our history. And so it is today that the spirit of heroism is once again asked of us by our country,” the chief executive stressed.

The President said this may not be grand acts displayed in the battlefield, but in the everyday challenges that Filipinos must face to defend themselves, the people, and the country.

In accordance with Proclamation No. 466, s. 1989, the country celebrates Philippine Veterans Week from April 5 to 11 of every year to promote, preserve and memorialize the principles, ideas and deeds of the war veterans as a means to enhance patriotism and love of country, especially among the Filipino youth.

Executive Order No. 203, s. 1987 designated April 9 of every year as Araw ng Kagitingan.

President Marcos signed Proclamation No. 90, s. 2022, moving the celebration of the Araw ng Kagitingan to April 10.

This year’s theme, “Kagitingan ng mga Beterano, Pundasyon ng Nagkakaisang Pilipino,” aims to remember the veterans whose courage and sacrifices became the very foundation of the country’s freedom.

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