OIC Singh-Vergerire Galvanizes Support of Philippine Hospitals Association for Health Sector Strategy to Achieve UHC

The DOH OIC today joined the Philippine Hospital Association 73rd Annual Convention and Exhibits and presented the country’s present health situation as well as the Health Sector Strategy 2023-2028 which uses key lessons from the pandemic and sets the country’s sectoral direction for the next 5 years towards achieving UHC.

In her presentation, OIC Vergeire discussed the Department’s priority strategic interventions to catapult UHC and Primary Care and called on the hospitals association to support the DOH in achieving the sector’s strategic objectives. The Health OIC also identified specific ways through which hospitals can help the DOH and the entire health sector achieve Universal Health Care.

“We will rely on all of you to render your unwavering commitment–the same commitment that you have exhibited all throughout the COVID-19 pandemic–to align with the direction of the DOH, and better yet to render your continuous support to achieve the intended outcomes and objective of addressing the long-standing gaps in the health sector, especially in the highlighted intervention areas where your extensive influence can be harnessed to catalyze the reform. The DOH recognizes your great contributions and unwavering commitment, and we look forward to working with you in the future. With the strengthened partnership that we have cultivated, the promise of UHC is well within reach. Together, let us all work towards achieving a Healthy Pilipinas.” said OIC Vergeire.

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