Nullspace Robotics Conducts First Day of LEGO Robotics Training of Trainers

Valenzuela City, Philippines – 18 participants attended the first day of Training of Trainers [ToT] conducted by instructors from Nullspace Robotics at the DICT Valenzuela Office.

In collaboration with Nullspace Robotics, the Department of Information and Communications Technology – DICT is proud to bring LEGO® Robotics using the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime to the Philippines. The participants will serve as master trainers who will mentor new trainers once the Coding for Kids Project is officially launched in March 2023. Participants were instructed in robot construction and programming using different sensors and automation programming. Trainers employed graphical programming and basic motor movement control to explore developing autonomous robots using sensors.

“This project aims to raise awareness that programming can be started [with children participants] as young as nine years old,” Jeffrey Ian C. Dy, Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Upskilling, reiterates. He further encourages the participants by saying, “You should know why you’re doing this. You should, in your heart, believe that this is necessary for nation-building.”

Singapore-based technology education provider Nullspace Robotics has teamed with DICT to provide two robotics and coding-focused curriculum. Minecraft Education and Lego Spike Prime constitute the curricula. Children will be able to learn fundamental coding concepts and apply them to the development of simple robots and programs.

The Pilot Implementation of the Coding for Kids Project is set to be held next month, March 2023, with students from Valenzuela City as its stakeholders.

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