NSA advises public to regularly restart Android and iPhone devices

Cybersecurity experts from the National Security Agency (NSA) have issued a warning about the increasing online threats faced by users due to advancements in technology. The NSA has recommended a simple yet effective cybersecurity method to combat malware and viruses on devices – restarting your phone weekly. While this measure may not be foolproof, it can disrupt harmful software applications and provide an additional layer of security.

The NSA also shared other best practices for online device security, including disabling Bluetooth when not in use, avoiding public Wi-Fi networks, updating software and applications promptly, using strong passwords, and avoiding sensitive conversations on personal devices. These recommendations aim to enhance online safety and protect against potential cyber threats.

Neal Ziring, the technical director for the NSA’s Capabilities Directorate, emphasized that while restarting a phone may not deter all sophisticated cyberattacks, it can disrupt the chain of vulnerabilities exploited by attackers. By resetting the adversary back to the beginning of the chain, users can make it more difficult for cybercriminals to compromise their devices.

In a time where cyber threats like zero-click attacks and smishing messages are on the rise, following these cybersecurity best practices can help individuals safeguard their personal information and digital identities online. The NSA’s advisory serves as a timely reminder for users to prioritize their online security and take proactive measures to protect themselves from potential cyber threats.

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