Nikko Natividad stands by his opinion on the “It’s Showtime” controversy

Former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate, Nikko Natividad, has spoken up about the viral “beso” issue on “It’s Showtime.” In a statement on his social media pages, Natividad expressed that he does not regret defending the contestants involved in the controversy. Despite facing backlash and calls for his removal from his work, Natividad stands by his decision to share his opinion and help improve the situation.

He clarified that his intention was not to start a fight but to offer assistance. Natividad also mentioned that the decision to delete his post was made by management. He emphasized that his actions were driven by a desire to contribute positively to the situation.

Natividad further shared his empathy towards the contestants, stating that he understands the feeling of being humiliated on television. The controversy on “It’s Showtime” erupted after the hosts addressed an incident involving a nonconsensual kiss, leading to conflicting statements from the searchee and the actor involved.

Despite the hosts’ refusal to apologize, claiming they did the right thing, Natividad remains steadfast in his support for the contestants. The issue continues to generate public attention and debate, with differing perspectives on the handling of the situation.

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