MRT-3 Gm Canar Makes Surprise Inspection of Depot Facilities to Check Reliability of MRT-3 System

Metro Rail Transit-3 (MRT-3) General Manager Engr. Federico J. Canar, Jr., together with Director for Operations Oscar B. Bongon made a surprise inspection of the maintenance areas at the MRT-3 depot office this morning, 22 November, to check reliability of rollling stocks for revenue service.

GM Canar made the unannounced inspection before revenue service at around 3:00 a.m. today, where he found maintenance personnel committedly working to fulfill scheduled maintenance activities of the day.

These activities included thorough inspection of trains’ underframes to ensure all parts were intact, cleaning and washing of trains at the automatic train washer area, and preparation for revenue of each scheduled train.

GM Canar went around various areas at the depot complex to inspect said maintenance works and interact with personnel, passing necessary instructions wherever a need for improvement is required.

In addition, GM Canar also rode the train going from insertion area to North Avenue station then proceeded to inspect the MRT-3 Control Center.

“Overall, we saw that our maintenance personnel remain committed to their work to keep our trains in top shape. In terms of overhauling of the train cars, there are only around 3 more that needs to be finished, and we are looking at completing all 72 by December, ahead of almost five months from our target May 2023 completion,” GM Canar said.

GM Canar and Director Bongon were accompanied by Office of the General Manager Chief-of-Staff Engr. Jacob C. Bendana, Safety and Security Unit Officer-in-charge PCol. Reynaldo Magdaluyo (Ret.), Technical Assistant A Jassleen L. Torres, and Technical Assistant Engr. Jayson R. Cabanilla during the surprise inspection.

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