Marcos refutes allegations of removing Zubiri from office

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has denied any involvement in the ouster of former Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri. During a media interview in Brunei, Marcos stated that he was only made aware of the plans to remove Zubiri after being approached by Senate President Chiz Escudero.

According to Marcos, the decision to oust Zubiri was made by the senators themselves and does not reflect his personal views on the former Senate President. He expressed his trust and confidence in Zubiri and clarified that he had not spoken to Zubiri about his resignation speech.

Marcos mentioned that he was kept informed at every step of the process, but things moved quickly. He acknowledged knowing the state of the voting as it was being collected by Senator Chiz.

Speculation arose suggesting that Marcos was behind the Senate leadership shakeup after Zubiri implied that he was ousted for allowing a Senate committee to continue investigating an alleged document linking the president to illegal drug use. Zubiri had anticipated his removal and described himself as a “sacrifice” for allowing Senator Ronald dela Rosa to continue the probe.

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