Marcos focuses on improving education rankings and maintaining free tuition law

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. highlighted the need for collaboration between the government and the private sector to enhance higher education in the country. This came after Philippine universities performed relatively lower in Times Higher Education rankings compared to other Asian countries.

Speaking at the National Higher Education Day Summit, Marcos emphasized the importance of continued efforts to elevate the state of higher education in the Philippines. The recent THE rankings indicated that no Philippine university made it to the top 100 schools in THE’s 2024 Asia University Rankings.

Acknowledging the challenges, Marcos stated that improving educational standards is a top priority for the government and is central to the national development agenda. He emphasized the involvement of the private sector, which operates a significantly larger number of universities and colleges compared to state and local institutions.

Marcos highlighted the partnership between government and private schools in educating the youth, referring to them as equal partners rather than competitors. He also affirmed the commitment to maintaining the policy of free education in state universities and colleges, allocating a substantial budget to ensure more students have access to tertiary education without financial burden.

The president underscored the government’s view of education spending as an investment in the country’s human capital. The increased budget allocation for state and local universities and colleges in 2024 reflects the government’s dedication to supporting the education sector and prioritizing the future of Filipino students.

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