LTO Suspends License of Driver in Manila Hit-and-Run Incident

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) ordered the suspension of the driver’s license of the driver that hit a female senior citizen in Manila recently.

According to Renante Melitante, Officer in Charge of the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) of the LTO, the driver’s license of the suspect driver, who is also the current owner of the vehicle, is suspended for a total of 90 days pending resolution of the case. The driver’s license of the driver has since been confiscated by the IID.

Meanwhile, the vehicle involved in the incident already underwent inspection and was already placed under alarm to prevent its owner from entering any transaction while the case is under investigation.

The driver was earlier summoned to appear before the LTO’s IID office at the LTO Central Office along East Avenue, Quezon City and explain why he or she should not be administratively charged for Reckless Driving, failure to comply with the Duty of Driver in case of Accident, and why his or her driver’s license should not be revoked or suspended for being an Improper Person to Operate a Motor Vehicle.

The incident happened in Dapitan, Manila where a female senior citizen was allegedly hit by the vehicle operated by the driver and caused physical injuries to the elderly woman. The driver immediately fled the scene with the vehicle after the incident.

“We have had many cases of vehicles hitting elderly people in the past, and many of them abandoned their victims. It is just sickening that there are still drivers like these who have not much regard for the lives of people. It is really time to teach these undisciplined drivers a lesson,” says LTO Chief Jayart Tugade.

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