LTO, Dermalog Join Hands to Resolve Issues Related to Processing of Transactions

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Dermalog officials have agreed to resolve the problems being experienced by the motoring public in transacting with the agency the past few days.

Both parties recently met and discussed how to improve business processes and customer experience in availing of the services offered by the LTO.

One of the solutions being pursued is the activation of Motor Vehicle Registration Information System (MVRIS), which both the LTO and Dermalog believe could help in reducing the long lines in various LTO offices.

“I fully support Motor Vehicle Registration Information System (MVRIS) in the public portal of LTMS for the renewal of vehicles as this will greatly reduce the lines in our offices. With this activation it will be possible to renew your vehicles without needing to line up at LTO offices around the country,” explains LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Teofilo Guadiz III.

It was also agreed that the LTO and Dermalog officials will meet in the coming days to finalize the implementation of MVRIS in the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) public portal.

“Two Thirds (2/3) of transactions with the LTO involve motor vehicle renewals. Allowing the public to do this online will make it extremely convenient to the public. I am grateful to Asec. Guadiz for quickly listening to us and supporting Dermalog’s request,” furthers Dermalog spokesperson Atty. Nikki de Vega.

As regards to the supposed system slowdown, Dermalog assured that it is exerting efforts to help the LTO in resolving the issues and make the processes even more responsive and adaptive.

Improved Customer Experience

Dermalog expressed its commitment to deploy its support staff in the LTO offices and through online to educate and assist the public in using LTMS public portal.

According to Atty. de Vega, “Asec. Guadiz and Dermalog agreed to support each other to improve customer experience and improve business processes with LTO’s LTMS. The convenience of the motoring public in using the LTMS and transacting with the LTO is what is important.”

Moreover, both parties are willing to work together to increase public awareness regarding the LTMS public portal –

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