Kasimbayanan Hall for Youth Development Rises in Quezon City

The Philippine National Police (PNP) and various civic organizations joined hands to build and furnish KaSimbaYanan Hall and Office at QCPD Police Station 5 in Fairview Quezon City.

The project is a culmination of the efforts of the Fairview Police Station personnel, under the leadership of PLTCOL Elizabeth D Jasmin, also known as the “Aleng Pulis ng Kyusi,” in collaboration with religious sectors, NGOs, LGUs, and other civic organizations, particularly the Lions Club International.

The KaSimbaYanan Hall aims to provide educational opportunities for Out of School Youth and Adults (OSYA) and children-at-risk, ultimately bringing them closer to the PNP and building trust within the community.

PNP Chief General Rodolfo S Azurin, Jr. graced the occasion as the Guest of Honor and Speaker, emphasizing the significance of the PNP’s role in promoting peace and order in the country.

He also commended the Fairview Police Station for their commitment to serving the community and making a difference in the lives of the OSYA and children-at-risk. He said, “The KaSimbaYanan program is an initiative that is very close to my heart. This KaSimbaYanan Hall is not just a building, it is a symbol of hope and progress for our youth. We must continue to invest in the education and development of our future leaders, and the PNP is proud to support this initiative.”

“Through Alternative learning System that will be conducted in the KaSimbaYanan Hall, we can prevent these vulnerable individuals from falling prey to criminal elements due to poverty and lack of education. This program provides an opportunity for them to learn and continue their education, values formation, and spiritual enrichment that would lead them to become God-fearing individuals”, General Azurin added.

The PNP’s Top Cop also expressed his gratitude to the various organizations and individuals who supported the project, saying, “I would also like to give tribute to the Lions Club International for their generous support in funding the construction of the KaSimbaYanan Hall and all other needed classroom equipment, as well as the active support of all the PS-5 KWIM Components (religious sectors, NGOs, LGUs & Civic organizations). It is heartwarming to see that different sectors came together to make this project a reality. This is a true manifestation of the Bayanihan spirit, which is essential in achieving our goal of creating a safer and more peaceful community.”

The KaSimbaYanan (Kapulisan, Simbahan, and Pamayanan) Program of the PNP emphasizes the importance of collaboration among the police, the church, and the community in addressing the root causes of crime and violence. Through this program, the PNP aims to build trust, confidence, and partnership among stakeholders, to enhance their capacity to provide effective and efficient police services.

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