Jose Javier Reyes, the new head of FDCP, announces agency’s top priorities

Filmmaker Jose Javier Reyes has outlined his vision for the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), where he serves as the new chairman. Taking over from veteran actor Tirso Cruz III earlier this year, Reyes hopes to focus on education, professionalization, and sustainability in the industry.

During an Asian Academy of Creative Arts Networking Event in Manila on June 6, Reyes emphasized the importance of film education for aspiring filmmakers, audiences, and teachers. He also highlighted the need for professionalization in the industry, calling for more trained filmmakers to bring safety and professionalism to the entertainment sector.

Reyes stressed the importance of sustainability in the film industry, pointing out the significance of local content in international film festivals. He emphasized the need for co-productions and collaboration with other regions, particularly in Asia, to strengthen the production of Filipino content.

As Filipinos are known for their love of entertainment, Reyes believes that the country has the potential to become a strong producer of content for both local and international audiences.

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