Jon Lucas enjoys his role as the villain in ‘Black Rider’

Jon Lucas portrays the role of Calvin Magallanes, the villain in the GMA action series “Black Rider.” This character aims to thwart Elias Guerrero, played by Ruru Madrid, and seeks recognition for his power and significance. The storyline reveals Calvin and Elias initially believed they were the sons of syndicate leader Edgardo, only to later discover that Calvin’s real father is Antonio, a leader of another syndicate.

In a recent virtual interview, Jon expressed his excitement about playing a kontrabida (villain) role in the series. He shared his aspiration to become an action star and how taking on challenging roles like Calvin has been fulfilling for him. Despite some viewers mistaking him for his character, Jon’s stellar performance has garnered positive feedback from the audience.

The actor credited the guidance of the directors and veteran actors of “Black Rider” for enhancing his portrayal of Calvin. He also mentioned drawing inspiration from other actors who have played antagonistic roles in movies. Jon’s dedication to his character has earned him the TV Supporting Actor of the Year award at the fifth VP Choice Awards.

As the series progresses, viewers can expect to see Calvin’s rivalry with Elias intensify as he vies for power and validation from influential figures in the story. Despite the conflict between the characters, Jon expressed hope for a potential alliance between Calvin and Elias in the future, although there are no hints of such a development yet.

“Black Rider” airs weeknights at 8 PM on GMA Prime, showcasing Jon’s compelling portrayal of Calvin Magallanes in a role that has proven to be his most engaging performance to date.

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