James Reid opens up about his past struggles in his latest music release

In a recent development, James Reid has released a new single titled “Hurt Me Too,” showcasing a vulnerable and raw side of himself. This departure from his previous releases highlights his growth both lyrically and sonically.

The single features James’ soulful vocals and his newly acquired skill of playing the piano, adding a message-centric element to the song. The emotionally charged lyrics delve into themes of love, pain, and self-discovery.

The accompanying music video captures James in a pensive and melancholic state, playing the piano and pouring his heart out. While some speculate that the song addresses issues from his past relationships, James insists that it was not intended to be a direct response to any specific situation.

“Hurt Me Too” marks a significant shift in James’ musical direction and sets the tone for his upcoming releases. The song, produced by Tim Marquez and co-written with artist Seth Reger, is part of an EP that will be released under Sony Music Entertainment.

In an exclusive interview, James revealed details about his songwriting process, the three-year wait for the release of “Hurt Me Too,” and the realizations he gained from creating the song. He emphasized the importance of making music that is personal and emotional, aiming to connect with listeners on a deep level.

As James continues to evolve as an artist and songwriter, “Hurt Me Too” serves as a reflection of his growth and willingness to explore new emotions and experiences through his music. The song’s stripped-down instrumental and honest lyrics showcase a more introspective side of James that fans are sure to appreciate.

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