Ivana Alawi discloses making over P10 million in just a few hours from live-selling

Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi shared that she raked in over P10 million in just a few hours of live-selling. During the TikTok Summit at Shangri-La the Fort, Ivana revealed that she has been doing live-selling for two years.

“I’ve been doing livestreams for more than a year. Maybe two years. I’m not sure, but around that time,” she told the press.

Her biggest revenue from live-selling was in the eight digits in just a few hours. Ivana also mentioned that she and her family could have earned even more but they ran out of stocks to sell.

“It could have been nine digits but we ran out of stocks. So we had nothing else to sell,” she explained.

She clarified that the issue was not with TikTok but on their end. They did not run out of buyers, just stocks to sell.

Ivana was recently awarded as the TikTok Shop Celebrity of the Year.

The report includes a video by Anjilica Andaya and reports from Deni Rose M. Afinidad-Bernardo.

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