In 2025, Japanese company Obayashi to construct a space elevator

Japanese Company Plans to Build Space Elevator by 2025

A Japanese company, Obayashi Corporation, known for projects like the Tokyo Skytree, has announced plans to build a space elevator by 2025. This ambitious project aims to make space travel more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The concept of a space elevator involves a tethered structure that would allow people and cargo to travel from Earth to a Geostationary Orbit Station located 36,000 km above the planet. The elevator system would consist of tethers, a platform, a ballast, and a counterweight, functioning similarly to a conventional elevator.

One of the key advantages of a space elevator is the potential to significantly reduce the cost of space travel. Unlike traditional rockets that require large amounts of fuel for launches, the space elevator would use electromagnetic vehicles called climbers powered by solar energy or microwaves. This innovation could potentially reduce the cost of transporting cargo to space from $1,227 per pound to just $57.

However, there are also challenges associated with building a space elevator, including the need for new materials like carbon nanotubes due to the massive quantities required. Additionally, extreme weather conditions and the necessity for multiple trips to achieve a significant return on investment are factors to consider.

Despite these challenges, Obayashi Corporation aims to have the space elevator operational by 2050. The company’s Business Development Manager, Yoji Ishikawa, emphasized that while 2050 is not a set deadline, they are committed to making this ambitious project a reality.

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