Get to know the Win Girls, the female co-hosts of a new TV5 show with Willie Revillame

Three new co-hosts, known as the Win Girls, are set to join Willie Revillame in his upcoming show on TV5. The girls, named Inday Fatima, Queenay, and Ana Ramsey, expressed their excitement at being welcomed into the MQuest Ventures family. They will be joined by two more Win Girls in future projects with MediaQuest and TV5.

During a mediacon, Queenay shared her experience of meeting Willie, describing him as kind and generous, especially when it comes to food. Ana, on the other hand, felt like she had come full circle as she remembered encountering Willie on his previous show on another network.

Fatima, who considers Willie as her idol, is grateful for the opportunity to co-host with him. All three girls auditioned to become members of the Win Girls, with Ana sharing her family’s legacy in the industry as the granddaughter of Elizabeth Ramsey and niece of Jaya.

Fatima, a beauty queen and Bisaya influencer, reflected on her journey to becoming part of the Win Girls, expressing gratitude for the chance to showcase her true self to the audience. Queenay, a TikTok content creator, plans to use her platforms to introduce the group and entertain viewers with behind-the-scenes content.

The Win Girls are looking forward to bonding on the show and providing entertaining content for their audience. Queenay is excited to create videos that showcase their dynamic, while Ana sees this opportunity as a way to continue her family’s legacy in the industry.

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