GCash and Filipino Community in New York City Commemorate Independence Day

GCash Celebrates Independence Day in New York City

GCash, the leading finance app and largest cashless ecosystem in the Philippines, participated in the Independence Day celebrations in New York City hosted by the Philippine Independence Day Council Inc. (PIDCI), a non-profit organization of Filipino-American associations along the East Coast.

The PIDCI’s Independence Day Parade, now on its 34th year, is the biggest Independence Day Parade outside of the Philippines. It aims to celebrate Filipino culture, strengthen familial and community ties, and showcase Filipino pride.

During the event, Paul Albano, general manager of GCash International, introduced new features that enhance digital financial services for Filipinos living abroad. GCash has expanded internationally, allowing users in the US to download the app using a US mobile phone number. Additionally, it is now easier to cash in and send money from over 12,000 US banks to GCash accounts.

Albano expressed GCash’s commitment to reaching Filipinos worldwide and providing innovative services to meet the needs of Filipinos overseas.

The celebration included a full-day cultural festival on June 2, where GCash unveiled a float at the Independence Day Parade on Madison Avenue. The float highlighted GCash’s features that connect Filipinos worldwide, especially with their families in the Philippines.

GCash also set up booths at a street fair between Madison and Park Avenues, showcasing partnerships with financial institutions like Meridian. This collaboration allows for seamless transfers from US banks to GCash peso accounts.

Through its international expansion, GCash aims to reach millions of overseas Filipinos and empower them with convenient financial services. The app now caters to users in 14 territories, with plans to expand further in the future.

To access GCash outside the Philippines, users can download the app on various platforms with an active international SIM card. They can then follow the registration process to start using the app for financial transactions.

GCash looks forward to engaging with Filipino communities in other countries to share its GCash Overseas innovations in the coming weeks.

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