Former Sponge Cola drummer writes heartfelt homage to Twice through music

Former Sponge Cola drummer pens musical ‘love letter’ to Twice

A former member of Sponge Cola, Chris Cantada, who left the band in 2008, has made a return to music with a special project dedicated to K-pop girl group Twice. After pursuing a career in online content creation and gaining popularity on YouTube, Chris received a message from Sponge Cola frontman Yael Yuzon, inviting him to make a guest appearance at the band’s 20th-anniversary concert.

Inspired by this opportunity, Chris decided to rekindle his love for music and formed a second YouTube channel called “Chris Cantada Music” to showcase his original compositions and drum covers. His passion for Twice, and specifically member Jeongyeon, led him to write and record a new song titled “Once” as a musical tribute to the group.

Teaming up with fellow Twice fans, Chris collaborated with musicians and producers to create an authentic and heartfelt single that will also have a Korean version. Despite his shift from music to content creation, Chris’s dedication to music has remained strong, and his latest project reflects his talent and passion for creating meaningful music.

Through his journey from a musician to a YouTuber, Chris has found a way to combine his skills in content creation and music production, allowing him to direct his own music videos for the songs he releases. This new chapter in his musical career showcases his versatility and dedication to his craft, proving that music will always hold a special place in his life.

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