Filipino lawyer champions economic inclusivity and access to capital

A Filipino lawyer in the United States, Roxanne Mercado, believes that mergers and acquisitions go beyond mere business transactions. According to Mercado, these activities provide opportunities to democratize access to capital, giving smaller businesses a chance to innovate and compete on a larger scale.

Mercado, a senior associate at a prestigious law firm in New York, has an impressive background. She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University and Columbia Law School, becoming a dual-qualified corporate lawyer in both the Philippines and the US. With experience in high-impact transactions and a specialization in corporate law, Mercado is a strong advocate for economic security and business expansion.

Her dedication to creating opportunities for smaller enterprises reflects her belief in the importance of equitable access to capital. By structuring deals that benefit all parties involved, Mercado aims to drive innovation and promote diverse and resilient economic ecosystems.

Despite facing challenges along the way, Mercado’s commitment to making a difference in the legal landscape remains unwavering. Her story serves as an inspiration to law students, recent graduates, and young lawyers who aspire to follow in her footsteps. Mercado advises aspiring lawyers to stay curious, stay committed, and embrace the power of perseverance in navigating the challenging yet rewarding legal profession.

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