FAMAS Social Media Manager Confirms Eva Darren Exclusion from Final Program

The social media manager of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards (FAMAS) recently revealed that veteran actress Eva Darren was unexpectedly left out of the list of presenters during the awarding ceremony last Sunday night. In a detailed Facebook post, FAMAS Social Media Manager Johnrey Rivas shared screenshots of conversations and other materials to support his claim that the FAMAS Public Relations Officer had previously informed Darren that she would be presenting at the event. However, on the day of the ceremony, Darren was not included in the program, leading to confusion and last-minute changes in the lineup of presenters. Rivas also mentioned that there were other presenters who were removed from the list due to attendance issues. The social media manager expressed disappointment over the lack of communication and accountability within the production team and called for transparency and responsibility moving forward.

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