Explanation of actions by Chinese air combat AI

Artificial Intelligence Takes Center Stage in Modern Warfare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an increasingly vital role in modern warfare, with countries like Israel and China utilizing advanced combat AI systems to enhance military operations.

Israel’s combat AI system, Fire Factory, is capable of planning airstrikes to aid in military strategies. But AI technology has evolved to the point where it not only follows commands but also learns from them.

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, China has developed air combat AI technology that can explain its decisions during operations. This feature allows the AI system to improve and adapt as it faces new conflicts.

The Chinese aerial AI system works through deep reinforcement learning, a method that involves reinforcing positive behaviors and penalizing negative ones. Unlike traditional AI systems that operate like a “black box,” this innovative approach allows for a better understanding of the decision-making process.

In contrast, the United States has successfully tested an AI-powered combat system in a dogfight scenario against a human pilot. The AI piloted the X-62A VISTA aircraft and engaged in combat scenarios against a human-operated F-16 jet, demonstrating its capabilities in high-speed, close-range combat.

Overall, the use of AI in military operations is expected to continue growing, transforming how countries defend themselves in the future. It is essential for nations to stay informed about the latest AI trends to stay ahead in this evolving landscape.

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