Eva Darren’s son criticizes FAMAS, prompting an apology from the award-giving body

The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) issues an apology to veteran actress Eva Darren for a recent incident of miscommunication during the awards night. Eva was scheduled to present an award alongside Tirso Cruz III, but the actor went onstage with a young singer instead. FAMAS expressed deep regret for the oversight, citing the challenges of a live show with numerous attendees. The organization acknowledged the importance of Eva Darren’s presence and assured her of their commitment to make amends.

The apology from FAMAS came in response to criticism from Eva’s son, Fernando dela Pena, who shared his mother’s experience of the evening on social media. Fernando detailed how Eva prepared for the event with excitement, only to be sidelined during the actual presentation. Despite initial thoughts of legal action, Fernando’s sister advised him to leave the matter in the hands of a higher power.

While the incident marred what was supposed to be a memorable evening for Eva Darren, FAMAS seeks to rectify the situation and honor the esteemed actress’s legacy in the industry.

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