Dua Lipa speaks out against alleged Israeli actions in Gaza

British-Albanian pop singer Dua Lipa has condemned Israel’s offensive in Gaza as a “genocide,” joining a wave of pro-Palestinian protests in London that resulted in multiple arrests.

In an Instagram story late Tuesday, Dua Lipa expressed her disapproval of the Israeli military operations in Gaza, particularly focused on Rafah. The singer used the hashtag “#AllEyesOnRafah,” which gained traction on social media.

This statement from Dua Lipa comes after Gaza officials reported that an Israeli strike had caused a fire in a crowded refugee camp, resulting in the deaths of 45 individuals.

Other prominent figures such as American-Chilean actor Pedro Pascal and supermodel Bella Hadid also shared graphics with the hashtag “All eyes on Rafah” on Instagram. The Hadid sisters have been vocal in their support for Palestinian rights, with Gigi and Bella Hadid denouncing Israel’s offensive as a “genocide.”

While Dua Lipa has spoken out against the war in Gaza and supported Palestinian rights in the past, this marks her strongest criticism of Israel’s actions to date.

In response to past accusations of antisemitism, Dua Lipa has refuted the claims as false and appalling. She has previously advocated for a humanitarian ceasefire during an interview with Rolling Stone and signed an open letter to US President Joe Biden calling for an end to the bombing of Gaza.

Prominent British personalities such as rock star Paul Weller, rapper Stormzy, and actor Tilda Swinton have also called for a ceasefire in Gaza. The recent escalation in conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to significant casualties and hostage situations, with militants taking over 250 hostages.

In London, up to 10,000 people participated in a pro-Palestinian demonstration, resulting in the arrest of 40 individuals, according to UK police.

The retaliatory offensive by Israel has reportedly claimed the lives of at least 36,171 people in Gaza, with the majority being civilians, according to the territory’s health ministry.

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