Diving Deep Into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

25 personnel coming from various units composed of Coast Guard Nursing Service, Philippine Navy, BRP Melchora Aquino (MRRV-9702), Coast Guard Special Operations Force and Coast Guard Medical Service, are actively participating in the ongoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Training being conducted by the Coast Guard Nursing Service through The Office of the Chief Nurse onboard BRP Melchora Aquino (MRRV-9702) at Pier 15, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila.

The 10-day training includes Fundamentals of Hyperbaric and Diving Medicines and Basic Recompression/Decompression Chamber Operations and Maintenance with CG LTSG JOSEPH M ROMERO, Certified Hyperbaric and Diving Physician, as the instructor. The HBOT Training places special technical and knowledge-based skills that produces more competent personnel in the field of hyperbaric medicine practice.

Indeed, stepping into this little-known specialty defines unique challenging role for the personnel and will provide an unmatched opportunity in providing life saving therapy with close patient interaction.

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