Did Nikki De Moura respond to the viral video featuring Miss Grand International founder Nawat Itsaragrisil?

Nikki De Moura, the reigning Miss Grand International Philippines 2023, has recently posted a cryptic message on social media, referring to herself as an “unbothered queen.” Many speculate that this is her response to Nawat Itsaragrisil, the founder of Miss Grand International, who accused her of unprofessional behavior during the finals of the international beauty pageant held in Vietnam.

On November 1, Nikki took to Instagram to share a story featuring a photo of herself in an elegant evening gown. The caption accompanying the image read, “unbothered queen,” followed by a blown kiss emoji. The timing of this post has led many to believe that it is a veiled retort directed towards Nawat’s criticism.

So far, Nikki has chosen not to publicly address the allegations made against her by Nawat. Instead, she has been actively sharing videos on social media, showcasing her supporters imitating her iconic stage walk from the Miss Grand International competition.

Despite the controversy surrounding Nikki and the accusations leveled against her, her loyal supporters within the pageant community continue to show unwavering support for her. They have been vocal in their encouragement for Nikki, emphasizing their belief in her talent and dedication.

It is worth noting that the Philippines has not secured the Miss Grand International crown since the pageant’s inception in 2013. As the country’s reigning representative, Nikki De Moura carries the hopes and aspirations of her nation, aiming to put an end to this drought and bring the prestigious title home.

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