CREACON 2022: Exploring the Visayas Digital Creatives

The 7th Creative Congress highlighted the potential of the creative industry and the initiatives of the government, public and private sectors to support and accelerate the country’s creative economy.

Hon. Jose Francisco “Kiko” Benitez, Representative, Third District of Negros Occidental in his keynote speech shared that the passage of the Republic Act No. 11904 of the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act.” will strengthen the creative industries and the Filipino creative economy.

“Accordingly, the Council will formulate the Philippine Creative Industries Development Plan which will outline and align strategies to increase the production of creative goods and services, enhance access of creative professionals and entrepreneurs to domestic and global markets, and build new interest and investment in creative industries,’ he said.

He also mentioned two other laws that will further support digital creative professionals and entrepreneurs. The Republic Act No. 11293 or the Philippine Innovation Act will leverage innovation to strengthen small businesses or MSMEs through the establishment of innovation centers, capacity-building programs, research and development, and enhancing access of MSMEs to capital through a one billion-peso Innovation Fund. And the Republic Act No. 11337 or the Innovative Startup Act also provides for the co-location of startups or innovative enterprises in Startup Zones, and capitalization of startups through the Startup Grant Fund and the Startup Venture Fund.

Congressman Benitez reiterated the importance of reskilling our workforce to enhance digital literacy and fluency. “Critical thinking, creativity, originality and initiative, complex problem-solving, flexibility, and emotional intelligence –qualities that distinguish us from machines need to be sustained as a source of innovation and creativity, even as we recognize the increasing ubiquity of ICT in our daily lives,” he added.

Meanwhile, the CREACON discussions also explored the “Potential of Visayas Islands for Digital Creative Industries”. Among its topics include Harnessing and Mainstreaming Digital Creative Skills by Mr. Jeehad Januar Tanggol, Planning Officer III of the DICT- ICT Industry Development Bureau, Opportunities in Original Filipino Creative Content by Ms. Marla D. Rausch of the Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines (SIKAP) and Prospects in the Creative Industries by James Ronald Lo from the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) and Daniel Enriquez from the Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc (ACPI).

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