Chiz Escudero assumes role of Senate President

In a surprising turn of events on Monday, Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero was named the new Senate president, taking over from Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri. The transition occurred smoothly as no objections were raised when Senator Alan Peter Cayetano nominated Escudero for the position.

Shortly after his nomination, Escudero, accompanied by his wife, actress Heart Evangelista, was sworn in by Senator Mark Villar. This shift in leadership came after Zubiri announced his resignation, citing a failure to adhere to instructions from higher authorities.

In his speech, Zubiri expressed pride in his time as Senate president and vowed to continue serving as an independent member of the Senate. The change in leadership follows ongoing discussions about an alleged ouster plot against Zubiri dating back to his presidency in July 2022.

Despite the challenges he faced during his tenure, Zubiri remained committed to upholding the autonomy of the Senate. The Senate floor was abuzz with rumors of an impending leadership change, with concerns raised about the chamber’s productivity and Zubiri’s stance on Charter change (Cha-cha).

Despite these challenges, Zubiri’s allies publicly supported him, but internal rumblings persisted, eventually leading to his resignation and Escudero’s appointment as the new Senate president. The dramatic shift in leadership marks a significant moment in the Senate’s recent history.

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