Championing Road Safety for Every Filipino

“No one deserves the loss of opportunities due to road incidents. Consider yourselves road safety champions. We have a shared responsibility to protect every Filipino on the road.”

This is what Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Jaime Bautista reiterated in his message for the first Road Safety Symposium as part of the commemoration of National Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Survivors, and their Families, today, 22 November 2022.
“We give spotlight on justice for this year’s commemoration. Let this symposium be an avenue for a multi-sectoral approach to reduce the number of road crashes in the country. We should not diminish the importance of attaining JUSTICE for victims of road crashes and seeking peace for the families left behind,” Secretary Bautista said.

DOTr Undersecretary for Road Transport and Infrastructure Atty. Mark Steven Pastor believed that improving policies, programs will further improve the transportation system in the country and in the process will also reduce road crashes.

“This symposium today highlights that those in government, private sector needs to work together so, that we can further improved our transport system in our country. We want to highlight the battlecry with regard to road safety and that is JUSTICE.,” Usec. Pastor said.
Swedish Ambassador to the Philippines Annika Thunborg commend the DOTr for arranging the said symposium and expressed her support to promote road safety in the Philippines.

“The Sweden and Philippines have been working together in the urban transportation sector for some years now. The big part of our work has been around the EDSA busway specifically on how to make it safer, more efficient and more reliable for hundreds of commuters who rely on it as mode of transportation”, Ambassador Thunborg said.

“Safety, efficiency, and reliability are the hallmarks of all types of public transportation, that is why we are here today showing our support for the Philippine government in promoting road safety,” she also added.

Everyday more than 300 Filipinos die on road crashes. Every year 12,000 Filipinos die on road crashes and 1.3 million people die on road crashes worldwide.

The DOTr including concerned government agencies, private sector and civil society groups, supports the advocacies and different policies that will help protect the Filipinos from road crashes by ensuring, prioritizing, and championing road safety.

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