Cedrick Juan and Rita Avila express disappointment for Eva Darren following FAMAS exclusion

Celebrities Cedrick Juan and Rita Avila expressed their disappointment over the FAMAS organization’s decision to snub veteran actress Eva Darren as a presenter. They believe that this action by the award-giving body showed disrespect and negligence.

Juan took to Facebook to share Darren’s son’s post, highlighting the organization’s excuse for failing to acknowledge the seasoned actress after inviting her to be a presenter at the ceremony. He expressed his sadness over the situation, especially since his historical drama “GomBurZa” was part of FAMAS this year.

Avila, on the other hand, expressed her regret that Darren had prepared for the event with sincerity, only to be met with disrespect by FAMAS. She emphasized the importance of showing dignity and respect within the industry.

In response to Avila’s post, actress Carmi Martin also commented, noting that all the glitz of FAMAS went to waste due to the embarrassment caused by their actions towards Darren.

The incident has sparked discussions within the industry about the significance of mutual respect and professionalism among its members.

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