Beauty queen sparkles as she ventures into show business

Several beauty queens from the pageant world were recently introduced as part of Sparkle GMA Artist Center’s annual event “Signed for Stardom,” which showcases new talents discovered by the Kapuso talent management arm. Among them are Gazini Ganados, Bea Gomez, Billie Hakenson, and Rein Hillary, all having achieved success in various pageants.

Billie, who has already dipped her toes in acting in projects like “Owe My Love” and “Mga Lihim ni Urduja,” expressed her excitement for her upcoming role in the action-fantasy show “Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre.” The beauty queens shared their gratitude for the opportunity to transition into mainstream entertainment and explore their talents beyond the pageant world.

Bea highlighted her eagerness to step into a new chapter of her career, while Gazini discussed the transformative growth that being a part of Sparkle offers. Billie acknowledged the support she has received from Sparkle workshops and acting coaches, emphasizing the opportunity the agency has given her to grow as an actress.

Having competed in pageants just a year ago, Rein expressed her overwhelming joy at being welcomed into the Sparkle family and the hope it has instilled in her for a bright future in the industry. The girls expressed their gratitude for the agency’s guidance in planning their careers and providing them with opportunities to shine in various projects.

Bea and Gazini mentioned former beauty queens like Bianca Manalo and Maxine Medina as their inspirations for pursuing a career in showbiz. The group of beauty queens-turned-actresses is eager to make their mark in television, with hopes of starring in a variety of genres and shows that showcase their talents.

Overall, the addition of these talented beauty queens to the entertainment industry promises fresh faces and exciting projects for viewers to look forward to in the coming years.

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