Barbie Forteza and David Licauco release teaser for their debut movie ‘That Kind of Love’

Fans of Barbie Forteza and David Licauco, a.k.a BarDa, can finally get a glimpse of the onscreen partner’s first film together with the recent release of the teaser for “That Kind of Love.”

Days before its release on June 1, Sparkle teased about a certain “Ms. Love Coach” meeting “Mr. Perfect,” giving viewers a hint of the movie’s plot.

The teaser showcases Adam’s (David) luxurious lifestyle as he takes Mila (Barbie) out for a meal on his private plane. Despite appearing like a date, it becomes clear that Adam has enlisted Mila to help him improve his dating and social skills.

Both adamantly deny having feelings for each other when asked by their friends, but the scene transitions to moments in South Korea where they share meaningful looks.

Barbie and David had previously traveled to South Korea to shoot scenes for their upcoming film. Directed by Catherine O. Camarillo, “That Kind of Love” does not have a set release date, but the teaser promises that it is “coming soon.”

Aside from this project, the duo is also set to collaborate on a historical drama set in World War II titled “Pulang Araw.” Dennis Trillo is confirmed to play the villain in this series.

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