Are Kyline Alcantara and Kobe Paras dating? Speculation grows among internet users

In a recent social media buzz, netizens are speculating about the relationship status of Kobe Paras and Kyline Alcantara. This speculation arose when both Kobe and Kyline posted similar photos on their Instagram accounts.

Kobe shared a photo on his Instagram story showing a table in a restaurant set with two wine glasses and a bouquet of flowers. Meanwhile, Kyline posted photos on her Instagram account that appeared to be taken in the same restaurant as Kobe’s.

The simple caption of a care emoji by Kyline led social media users to believe that the two celebrities were together at the restaurant. One Instagram user even directly asked Kyline if she was with Kobe, though Kyline did not reply.

Another Instagram user chimed in, pointing out that they both posted from the same restaurant, saying, “I think so, pareho sila nagstory ng nasa Helm eh.”

This latest speculation adds fuel to the fire of ongoing rumors about the relationship between Kobe Paras and Kyline Alcantara.

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