AP Bren collaborates with Team Falcons of Saudi Arabia

A Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) world champion team, AP Bren, has recently announced a significant partnership with Saudi Arabia esports organization Team Falcons. This collaboration was revealed through official statements on the respective Facebook pages of both organizations, emphasizing their shared commitment to esports passion and skill.

Team Falcons, a notable esports organization known for its success in various titles like Dota2 and Counter Strike, has also made strides in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang scene. Their MLBB squad secured a second-place finish in last year’s MPL MENA and participated in the M5 Wildcard qualifiers.

In a statement to the Philippine Esports Press Corps, AP Bren director Jab Escutin expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting its significance for Filipino esports. He mentioned that the collaboration extends beyond just the Esports World Cup (EWC) and that they have planned several initiatives together.

It was Team Falcons that initiated discussions about the partnership, underscoring their shared objectives and ensuring that the collaboration would be mutually beneficial. The current focus lies on the upcoming Esports World Cup, with additional projects in the pipeline to further strengthen the partnership.

Escutin remarked, “It’s always nice to get support from a major esports team like Team Falcons. Their support will further enhance our team’s development and provide us a different perspective of how esports teams are run in a different region.”

AP Bren’s MLBB team is gearing up to defend its title in the upcoming season of the MPL Philippines, as the league’s 13th season heads into the playoffs phase starting on May 22.

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